Pocket Door Definition

 What is the Definition of a Pocket Door?

A pocket door is a door that slides into an opening in a wall.  The doors slide straight into the wall, and does not swing from either side, as in a hinged door, which swings from one side of the door jamb.

Instead of hinges, the door is held in place by an overhead track, rollers, and door guides towards the bottom of the pocket door jamb. The doors slide completely into the wall and out of the way. You can save up to 15 square feet of usable space per pocket door in your home. You can purchase complete pocket frame kits, or lose track and hardware to make your pocket in your wall. For closing, or locking, there is a variety of hardware available, including passage locks, which only fasten to the jamb, and not lock.  The next type is a privacy lock, which has a lock that just turns from one side to lock a door in place.  The most secure type of lock for pocket doors locks with a key.


A wide variety of pocket door hardware is available at PocketDoorProducts.com, including  our own HBP pocket door frame kits, pocket door jamb kits, pulls, locks, ez closers, and more,

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