Pocket Door Frame Kits with All Steel Studs

See the HBP (Hartford Building Products) line of pocket door frame kits with all steel studs.

These all steel studs are so superior to the old studs from other companies that there is no comparison. They are available in many different series of frame kits for both 2×4 walls and 2×6 walls. Weight capacities for these frame kits range from 125 pounds to 350 pounds.

The studs are made from rectangular welded steel tubing, and are 3/4″ x 1  1/2″ in outer dimensions. Since the thickness of these are the same as the other brands that have pine wrapped in soft steel,  they can be used as upgrades also for their kits.

Hartford Building Products decided to manufacture pocket door frame kits with these new studs, because the studs are the main complaint with any of the other kits.  They bent easily, and our studs do not bend. When our studs are used, with drywall or other wallboard,  your walls do not move.  The studs are perfectly straight. We also supply self tapping drywall screws with our kits.

To order our kits, see Hartford Building Products (HBP) Pocket Door Kits

To order the stud upgrade kit only, Also see HBP Stud Upgrade Kits

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