Reasons for using a Pocket Door

There are a number of reasons for using pocket doors in your home. Some of the reasons are included here:

  1. Pocket doors require less space to use, since they slide into a recessed space in your wall. With each pocket door used, you can gain up to 15 feet in usable space in a home, since you can use all your wall space. Using 10 pocket doors could give you up to 150 square feet in usable space. The more limited your space, the more you would notice the added space made available by pocket doors.
  2. Using pocket doors in your home allows you greater access through doorways for handicapped access, and also other uses such as moving furniture more easily through your home. The smallest opening allowable for ADA purposes is 30″, but most people use a minimum of 32″ -36″. Some even go up to 42″ in width. Many homes that have someone in a wheelchair, are being designed with all pocket doors, due to the ease of opening. To take it a step further, people are installing pocket door openers, that either operated manually, or by remote control.
  3. Since pocket doors are hidden completely out of the way when opened, they allow a room to be closed off completely, yet have a completely open look  when the doors are open. When using double pocket doors, this comes even more into play.
  4. French doors with glass used as pocket doors, are the perfect answer to a room where you want it closed off for certain purposes, but also want light to enter the room.. The doors will block sound, without blocking the light.
  5. Any type of door can be used as a pocket door, whether they are raised or flat panel doors, v-groove doors, or glass French doors. With the appropriate hardware, you can just close a door with no lock, using a passage pocket door pull, lock a door lightly with a privacy pocket door pull, or for secure locking, with a key, use keyed pocket door locks.
  6. Any size door can be used as a pocket door, up to 10 feet high x 48 inches wide.

Hartford Building Products manufactures the HBP brand of pocket door frame kits made with all steel studs, hardwood headers,  aluminum tracks with ball bearing rollers, and the widest range of sizes and frame kits available in the country.

These kits are available from our site or e-mail us at or call toll-free Monday-Friday 8-3:30 eastern time at 1-800-772-0314


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