New Headerless Pocket Door Kit with All Steel Studs for 2 x 4 Walls

New Headerless Pocket Door Frame Kits for 2x 4 walls – 1000 Series– No Wood Header Required

Studs screw directly into top part of aluminum extrusion – Holds 150 pound door

Available For 6/8 (80”) , 7/0 (84”), and 8/0 (96”) Doors
For 2×4 walls Both 1 3/8” and 1 3/4” Doors


  • All solid steel wall studs – rectangular weldsd steel tubing for extra strength and rigidity, with galvanized steel floor brackets

  • Unique double extrusion aluminum header design.

  • Spinwheel quick release hanger

  • Ball bearing rollers tested to 150,000 cycles of use

  • For doors 2/0 x 6/8 up through 4/0 x 8/0 for 2×4 walls

  • Far Heavier Brackets and Parts than comparable kits on the market, as much as triple the bracket thickness.

  • Four-wheel ball bearing rollers for better weight distribution

  • Studs can be cut down in height.

  • Comes with solid wood pieces for over door in opening.

  • Catch system built into roller assembly

  • Aluminum Extrusion fits into bracket attached to stud on each end.

  • Two small pieces of wood required for over door – provided


  • Solid Hardwood Jamb Kits in a wide variety of woods, to fit any of these sizes.

Coming Soon from

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