How to Measure for a Pocket Door

We manufacture our Hartford Building Products, HBP- Pocket Door Frame Kits for 2 x 4 Construction or  2 x 6 Construction

When measuring for a Pocket Door you what to check the wall area you are considering for your Pocket Door.    The wall needs to be open at the door opening and where the door goes into the pocket.

A Pocket Door can be any size door  you want  as long as you have the correct measurements for that door.

Rough Opening

For a Single Pocket Door you need to determine the size of door you want.  See how much space you have behind the wall.

You want to check out the all area, because you don’t know what things are hiding inside the walls.   You cannot have electrical, plumping pipes,  heating / cold air returns in this area.  If there are any of these things, you will need to determine where and how to move these.

Example if you are putting in a 36” wide Single Door.     You double the width  and  add 1” more for the width,    36” + 36”  =  72”  + 1”  =  73” .   So  for a 36” wide  Single Pocket Door your  width opening would be 73” wide.

Example if you are putting in Double Pocket Doors that meet in the middle, you will need to double the width of one door and multiply the result by two.  Say your doors are each  36” .    36” door   x 2 = 72  + 1”= 73”  x  2=  146”.  So your Opening for a Double Pocket Door  ( 2- 36” doors ) would be 146”.

Door Height-   For your door height, different Pocket Door Frame Kits have different height requirements.      So you would add your door height plus the height requirements on that Frame Kit.

The header is made up of the pocket door track and it supports the studs.

The sizes above are for your rough opening measurements only.

Note:   When ordering a Pocket Door Frame Kit,  the sized needed would be your actual Door Size.     So measure your door width and door height.     

Example:   36” wide x   80” height , you would order a  36” x 80” Pocket Door Frame Kit.

We also need to know your door thickness,  1 3/8”  or  1  3/ 4”, if you are ordering jambs.



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